300 bowling

300 bowling


Wow Bowling a 300 game is one of the ultimate prizes in bowling, hell just saying Hey I bowled a 300 game sounds nice right.But throwing a 300 game is very hard. I cam close 6 times in my life. The amount of pressure on my shoulders is hard to explain.This was in league as well so you know people are stopping to watch my bowl and that’s brings in more pressure to bowl that 300 game.


I had all strikes ti the tenth frame and my hands were shaking, getting sweaty, nerves getting to me. I stepped up in my approach and threw not the best shot but it hit the pocket and left a stone 8, I shot an 287 that game. I was like dammit I was so close to my 300 game again.But I did shot an 809 set that night so I was happy about that. The whole bowling ally was watching me bowl so I was scared as hell.


what i’m trying to say is that no I have never shot an 300 game but I have learned about handing pressure, making a good shots, and how to throw a 300 game.I will shoot an 300 game one day just not today lol.


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