best bowling ball for hook

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Now the question is very hard to answer because hooking a bowling ball is a 2 step process. You as the bowler must make the bowling hook and rolling the bowling ball at the right speed for it to come back into the pocket. Having a bowling ball that hooks like crazy is not the best thing to use all the time. When the lanes are dry a bowling ball that hooks a boomerang will not roll or perform right like you want it to. when the bowling gets into the friction or dry part of the lane, the bowling ball will start to hook is having dry lanes will make this bowling ball hook into the next lane. If you want your bowling ball to hook like bullets in the movie Wanted than you need to know what you are doing.

Right now I use the timeless by storm and this ball will hook like crazy down the lane. This ball will hook for you like crazy if you put it in the right spot. This bowling ball is good for medium to dry lanes. Check out my youtube video of me using the bowling ball. Check on the bowling ball picture to learn more info. Do you love sports? Check out my friends sports blog the top news in sports. Click here





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