best bowling ball weight

best bowling ball weight

The best bowling ball weight? This is a two part answer, the first answer is 15 pound is the best bowling ball weight. I believe that 15 pound bowling ball is the best because it’s not too heavy and it’s not to light to pick and roll. 15 pound bowling balls are the normal weight and every new bowling ball comes in 15 pounds. Now a 13 0r 14 pound bowling ball is good weight also if you don’t feel like throwing a heavy bowling all the time. Throwing a 15 pound bowling ball you wear you out and make you more tired as you bowl. Rolling a lighter bowling ball will not make you more tired and makes bowling a little bit easier because you don’t have to bowl as hard as a 15 pound bowling ball.

Now a 16 pound bowling ball which I have threw in the past is just a little heavier than the 15 pound but it hits the pocket much harder than any other weight in bowling balls,

  16 pound bowling ball will have more pin carrier overall but on TV not a lot of pro bowlers use a 16 pound bowling ball. I think so because 15 is just right and 16 pounds is heavier and after a while of bowling it’s starts to take it’s toll on them. What do you think? I believe that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. It’s what you feel comfortable using when you are bowling. I have seen bowlers use a 13 pound bowling ball against me in league play and bowl a very high score and they end up beating me in the match. I think you will not go wrong with a 15 Pound bowling ball but it’s total up to you.

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