bowler’s thumb treatment

bowler’s thumb is an overuse injury resulting from compression or repeated friction on the inside of the thumb which causes pressure on the Ulnar nerve.

Bowlers thumb symptoms

Bowlers thumb symptoms include numbness and tingling in the end of the thumb. There may be pain on the inner thumb and the web between the thumb and index finger. The bowler will likely experience weakness on pinching things and activities which involve the thumb. In some cases a tender nodule may be felt in the thumb. For me bowler thumb, on the top of my thumb my skin will start peeling due to my releasing the ball with no moisture on my thumb. My thumb and hand gets tight and my hand gets weak. An sore thumb and index finger will happen and some swelling may happen. Bowler’s thumb is an medical condition in which is caused by repeated pressure or compression of the nerve. The compression or friction will results in damaging the nerve, which provide sensation to the thumb. The sensory and motor nerves to thumb are median and radial nerve. Bowler’s thumb is an overuse injury that generally occurs because of inappropriate sizing of the thumb hole in the bowling ball. I have had the before and I have ways in dealing with.


 Bowler’s Thumb Treatment

  • Avoid bowling all the time, bowl less so your thumb can heal.
  • Correction of causative issue like the thumb hole in the ball.
  • Using a splint or thumb guard for protection of the thumb.
  • Alter the grip on the ball or take your take putting your thumb in the bowling ball
  • Use ice to speed up the healing process.
  • Use bowlers tape to tape up your thumb.
  • Use a bowling thumb saver.
  • Use bowling tape inside your bowling ball.
  • Take Black seed oil for inflammation in your hand.
  • Worst case surgery is needed.
  • Try doing hand exercises at home to ease the pain.
  • Use icy hot for pain and numbness.
  • Try using a squeeze hand ball for treating bowler’s thumb.
  • bowl less
  • Use bowling gloves while you bowl.
  • Doing these things should help cure bowler’s thumb




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