bowling equipment

Along with football, bowling is one of the best known sports in the world. It is a fun game, suitable for all ages, and you can play, almost, with anything that can stand and be similar to a bottle. Then you just have to look for a ball, to be able to roll to the bowling set.

1. Footwear. If playing outdoors, it will not be necessary to have special shoes. If you play indoors, in a bowling alley, you will need to see athletic shoes, or ask for it in the bowling alley, which usually facilitates it, in some cases for free and in others for rental.

2. Teams Before starting to play, teams must be chosen, choosing among the participants what each team wants, or it can be done by chance, according to the agreement of the majority.

3. Game rules. It is necessary to know the rules of the game, or if not, ask to be explained. This avoids misunderstandings, arguments and other unpleasant situations. He must know how to throw the ball, how many throws he has (two per person), how he scores, etc.

4. Launches. When throwing the ball you should be careful to do it from a distance very close to the ground so that the ball can not bounce and cause some mishap. Nor can you pass a line, usually black, that is at the beginning of the track. If you do so, your print run will be invalidated.

5. Vocabulary. In the game of bowling, as in other sports, a series of special words that define situations or concrete actions (strike, approach, etc.) is used. It is not the objective of this article to deepen the vocabulary of the bowling game .

6. Respect. Respect other players in all situations: keep quiet during the ball’s throw, avoid being near the thrower to avoid accidental tripping, pass in front of the player, etc. You have to be a good player and do not use tricks or tricks to win honestly.

7. Food. In the game set you should not eat or drink, although you see it in many movies. If you want to have a drink or some food, leave the game set and go to the cafeteria or another room where you can do it. If the room where you play allows you to eat and drink on the set, try to keep them clean when using the ball, among other reasons, because it can slip, or because it can stain the ball and it once the track, with the consequent risk for the other players. If they share the throwing balls, they should be even more careful and clean their hands of sweat, etc. before touching the ball that other people will use after you.It is appropriate to wipe the ball before throwing it to clean it of any trace of dirt.

8. Sports You have to be a good player, with a correct sporting spirit, who knows how to accept both a victory and a defeat.We indicate a victory, because there are people who not only have “bad to lose” but also “badly win”. You have to know how to congratulate the opponent, apologize for any wrong action, avoid making obscene gestures or swearing or tacos (especially if there are minors in front) etc. and in general to have a good behavior throughout the development of the game.

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