bowling league part 2

bowling league 2

In my last blog post I talked bowling leagues and the different types of leagues. An scratch league pretty much is an league were it’s straight up bowling with no help or handicap, so who ever knock down the most pins wins. This is an harder league to bowl in because much better bowler with an average higher than normal bowl this leagues.


Handicap leagues are easier to bowl in because you have handicap to help you match up with better bowlers. Each bowling league has an set average on handicap and in my league its 220 average. This means that if you average an 200 you will get 20 pin handicap added to your score during the game. If you average an 150 you will get an 70 pin handicap added to your score. This help bowler who cant bowl as well as other bowlers making the bowling match more an even playing field. If you have an 20 pin handicap and you only bowl an 150 that means you have an 170 total score. so you must always hit you average.


So if you have an 70 pin handicap and you bowl an 230, you just score not a perfect game but you do have an 300 score. So you can see that bowlers who higher scores must bowl the same score or even higher and bowling with an lower score can have a chance who winning. There were so many times when I bowled an 180 game with my 20 pin handicap and the other bowler bowls an 150 which they bowled an 220 game and I lose. I have to bowl my average or higher to win

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