bowling league

bowling league 

Bowling leagues are fun,competitive, teamwork building, and rewarding experience to have as a bowler. Bowling leagues are easy to get in to and it does not matter your skill level. There are two types of bowling leagues, they are scratch bowling leagues and handicap bowling leagues.


An scratch bowling league is when you have no handicap so pretty much it’s a head up match, who ever get the most pins in one match wins. This league is for people who knows how to bowl at a high level.  Bowlers with high average like an 210 or higher would most likely bowl in this bowling league. Not saying you should not try to enter this leagues but you should be ready for some hard competition.


An handicap league are leagues were based on your skill level and average you are given pins to help with your game. For example if your average is 120 or around that number when you bowl league based on the set cap of that league, you may get 70 pins handicap.  I will make an blog post on handicap leagues and how they work



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