calories burned bowling 3 games

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How does bowling burn calories? Does bowling burn calories and how fast? Can bowling burn 500 calorie like a workout. Well in my case and the way I bowl, you can burn a lot of calories. I bowl at a nice speed so i’m always moving around and throwing a 15 pound bowling a lot of times. Sometimes you can bowl a lot of strikes and make the game go faster and before you know it the game is over and you want to bowl other game. Walking to the left lane then the right lane back and fourth will burn calories that will help lose weight.  I drink water while I bowl(make sure you drink water with your non bowling hand so your bowling hand will not get wet)


Bowling is sometimes a fast pace sport and bowling with friends and family can be a good thing to do together which help get some exercise.. So go bowling and see how much sweat you can work up while having fun with bowling. I think you can burn 100 calories an hour with bowling. It’s a give and take but around that number. 

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