columbia 300 bowling ball

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This is my review of the Columbia bowling ball, The Tyrant. No I don’t own this bowling ball but when decide to buy a new bowling ball I look at the ball specs, ball motion, coverstock, ball finish, and weight block. I look at all angles and how I would use the bowling ball and give my best opinion.

This bowling has the new Reflex coverstock is but this time we injected it with thire patent pending Hypershock Technology. The results were jaw dropping as this new additive cuts through the heaviest of oils.This is strongest coverstock in Columbia 300 history. Hypershock Technology (HST) is a material that enhances the energy of the bowling ball by reducing recoil off the pins and retains energy.The core in the Tyrant produces control, continuation, and versatility by combining a low RG, high differential, and medium mass bias.

This ball has a powerful ball reaction with an 500/2000 Abralon which for me looking at the ball reaction on video this goes goes a bit long before it starts to hook. So I would roll this ball somewhat slow so this ball can come back into the pocket. I also see that this ball can be use bowling across the 15th board or playing down and in and since this ball needs time to hook, the ball will not over hook. I like bowling balls that is easy to read or predict what it’s going to do next. With this ball it is easy to tell what the ball will do next.

I like this bowling ball and I would use this for oily lanes and if I wanted to bowl down and in or bowl the straighter is greater game, this ball will do well. Plus when  the lanes start to breakdown, then it is easy to move left or right into more oil. Columbia 300 is a good bowling company and this ball is a good. The one thing I did not like is that this ball does time for the ball to get where it needs to be which is not a bad thing but it’s something that you need to get use to. My score from 1 to 10 I give this ball a 8.



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