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Creating a blog is very simple, but it depends on what you want it for or what your goal is, you must do it one way or another. That’s why I’m going to teach you how to create a blog with the best options according to your own case: if you want a personal blog, a professional blog, a corporate blog, a thematic blog, etc. I’m going to show you how to create a blog, the blog you need .

How to create a blog according to the type you choose

There are many ways to shape an idea, such as opening a blog ; but you have to choose the one that best suits your needs, to get it to really go ahead.

And is that each blog is different and even more if it is created for different things. The idea is that this article will serve as a guide to choose what is best for you specifically. So you see clicking on the options that best fit what you want to move forward until you reach the best solution.

What you really need to create a blog, always depends on the requirements. What kind of blog should be created, what does the target group look like and what do you want to achieve in general?
Maybe even a free offer without any great adjustment options, but with a simple operation.
In the following article I would like to introduce you to how you can create a blog, both at no cost, as well as with your own, WordPress on a rented hosting. For some of these topics I have written in the past already detailed articles, which I will make available to you in addition.
Create Blog – The Requirements
As mentioned above, the requirements are a little on the goal of the blog. Of course you have to decide in the end what you want to cost your blog and if it is worth the whole, or if not even a free offer is sufficient.
The free offers do not necessarily have to be worse, especially if you can do absolutely nothing with HTML and PHP.
Create a blog without money or technical know-how
Using a blog with a free provider certainly has some advantages, especially for beginners. Registration is quick and you can usually choose your own subdomain (eg in the form: “”).
The knowledge that is necessary in the technical field, are often limited to the operation of your own mouse and keyboard.
An overview of free blog providers can be found here:
5 ways to create a free blog
The following requirements should be met by your free offer:
�� You should be able to create pages as well as pages (imprint!)
�� There should be more than just a design template, in the best case you should be able to play your own designs
�� The service should be largely ad-free, so as not to disturb your readers
�� The call of your blog should be fast and fluid
Before parts:
�� No money needed
�� You can start immediately
�� No technical knowledge needed
After parts:
�� You have to adhere to the specifications of the provider
�� Limited individuality
�� Dependence on the provider
Money and / or know-how available
With a little money and a little bit of know-how in the field of HTML or PHP you can also consider hosting your own.
The advantages are obvious, you can do everything imaginable with your blog, have your own domain and often your own e-mail system.
You can customize every detail to your liking, you have the advertisement in your hand and you can also do your own backups, just to name a few advantages.
The following requirements should be met by your hosting (example for WordPress):
�� A separate domain
�� at least 500 MB of memory
�� unlimited traffic (surely for sure)
�� at least 1 MySQL database
�� PHP
�� FTP access

Click here for a fast way to build a free blog: 

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