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Want to try a program that can help you get quick results? For a vacation that’s just around the corner or to initiate a long weight loss process, Brian Flatt’s book, The Diet 3 Weeks, is for you. The method provides a comprehensive protocol based on the reduction of fat mass in the body: burn existing fat and prevent new fat from entering the cells. For 21 days, all you need to do is follow the author’s advice carefully and you will be satisfied! So what about this program?

The Diet 4 Weeks: how does it work?
Brian Flatt is a nutritionist and health coach. He developed The Diet 4 Weeks to allow everyone, whatever his morphology, to lose 5 to 10 kilos of fat . Know for example that 1 kilo of fat is equivalent to 7000 calories, so to rid your body of all these fats, you have to turn your body into a machine to burn fat. And to arrive at a result, a radical action is needed: to suppress the consumption of fats. The 4 Weeks Diet is done in 4 steps:
1. Step 1: Detoxification to cleanse your body
This step, as the name suggests, is used to deeply detoxify the body. With certain vitamins, the toxins will be eliminated quickly and the level of carbohydrates in the blood will be maintained at an ideal value for burning fat. In concrete terms, you will only need to eat vegetables by gradually reintroducing proteins into your diet. Each meal must have its ratio of calories, but do not worry, everything is indicated in the book!
2. Step 2: Fasting to cleanse yourself and remove the latest toxins
After cleansing your body, you’re off to Step 2: a 24-hour fast where the body focuses on the digestive system by removing the last remaining toxins. A tip: take your last meal before the young at night, so you do not feel too hungry, you can have a meal again the next night.

3. Step 4: Accelerate Fats Disintegration
This part teaches you how to put together effective weight loss tips to speed up the process of fat decay. These techniques work in areas of your body that have stored fat for years: by burning, you get an exceptional wave of energy.
4. Step 4: TMB (Basic Metabolic Rate).
TMB is the minimum daily intake your body needs when at rest, it is easily calculated based on weight, height, age, and sex, and translates into calories. For example, the TMB of a 40-year-old woman weighing 70 kilos and measuring 1m67 is 1486 calories. The diet of this step will then be based on your TMB to you. Thus, you have all the necessary nutrients to ensure the proper functioning of your body without excess calories, so no fat storage. In the long run, this step is the key to successful weight loss!
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The various manuals of The Diet 4 Weeks of Brian Flatt
The 4 Weeks Diet treats all the processes of weight loss for a complete vision of this area. Because you can not start a physical transformation or a change in your eating habits without knowing the basics of dietetics. Whether it’s to understand the effects that your body will encounter or to avoid making mistakes, these manuals are complete and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the method developed by Brian Flatt . As a digital book, the Diet 4 Weeks can be read on computer, tablet or even phone, nothing more convenient, it accompanies you wherever you go. Here are the 4 manuals contained in this method:

Introductory Guide to Diet
The basic principles of diet are explained in this section: analysis of certain dietary habits and why they are harmful, explanation of the concepts to know absolutely in nutrition … etc
Manual guide of the 4 weeks diet
Here is the detailed diet that is presented: what should you eat or what should you avoid? when and in what quantity? etc. The advantage is that it is you who set up your action plan adapted to your morphology and your characteristics: there is a certain autonomy while being well supervised. By carefully following Brian Flatt’s method, there is no risk of being lost or being wrong.
Manual to keep motivation
Motivation and optimism are very important for successful weight loss. In this manual you will find helpful tips for staying positive throughout the program. You are sure not to give up!
Sport exercise manual to maximize your results
What would a weight loss program be without sport? And yes, the diets miracles and effortlessly do not exist. Physical activity is essential to the elimination of fat and therefore to weight loss. A complete sports program is provided in this part, where you can double the effects of the Diet 4 Weeks method. Do not panic, the exercises included in the training are relatively simple and do not take much time: count 40 minutes of sport every three days, and no need to register in a room, you can do it at home .
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The benefits of the Diet 4 Weeks on the body
In addition to significant generalized weight loss and belly , you will also get many other unexpected benefits but very significant: a newfound health sensation! Brian Flatt provides weight loss of between 5 and 10 kilos depending on the type of profile. But that’s not all: your muscle tone will be boosted, you will have an energy of hell from waking up and until the evening, your sleep will be really better, your skin will be purified, you will be able to say goodbye to your rate high cholesterol. In short, all your metabolism will be rebalanced. To prove the effectiveness of his method, Brian Flatt offers a guarantee satisfied or refunded within 60 days after the date of the download of his book. You can go there with your eyes closed!

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