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5 REASONS WHY AWEBER IS THE BEST EMAIL MARKETING PROVIDER. Aweber is an email marketing service providers which allow you to send e-mails to your subscribers. It allows the visitors to your website to submit their emails addresses and then you can communicate with them by sending broadcast emails to each one of them. The following reasons make Aweber the best email service provider

1. Their marketing tool has an auto-responder ability This will help you save time since you do not have to do repetitive email marketing tasks such as sending a welcome email to a new subscriber. Their marketing tool has a feature which will send an automatic email to your subscribers whenever a certain event occurs as specified by you. This event may be a new user subscribing. With this, you will not have to copy and paste and send a message every time you have a new subscriber. 2. Their sign up forms and templates are very professional This is another feature which makes Aweber the best email marketing provider. With Aweber, you can choose a cool professional template as a base for your email from their wide collection of readily available templates. You can also make your emails lively by applying different fonts and colors to them. 3. They offer a detailed analysis of your sent emails and subscribers Aweber will help you analyze how successful are your email marketing strategy is. On the Aweber dashboard, you can have a full report at a glance of how your email marketing is doing. At the dashboard, you will be able to see today’s new subscribers and yesterday’s. They will also show you how many unsubscribed from your mailing list and the complaints they had. The total number of subscribers will also be made available to you. The report has many other things including how your subscribers reacted to your emails. Did they read or ignore? All this information will help you determine if your email marketing strategy is doing well and know the actions to take if it is not. 4. Their mailing tool can be integrated into a WordPress site. Most websites today are supported by the WordPress platform. Aweber now has an official WordPress plugin. Nowadays you do not have to go through the hectic process of integrating their mailing tool with WordPress mailing plugins as people used to do in the past. You will only be required to drag and drop the form you made in aweber to your wordpress blog 5. They can convert your RSS feeds into your email marketing newsletter This is not advisable because it is good to manually generate nice content which addresses the specific needs of your audience. However, this feature comes in handy to people who are too busy to write nice emails and they do not have the money to cater to the expensive process of content generation. Although not advisable, this feature still makes Aweber the best email marketing service provider because it offers an alternative to those who cannot afford other forms of content generation. All you have to do is give Aweber your RSS feed and tell them how you want your newsletters to look and they will generate them for you.

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