how to burn calories fast

how to burn calories fast 

How to burn calories fast? Well bowling will do the trick in burning calories fast and losing weight. Bowling is a fun sport, you can burn a lot of calories just bowling. Every time you get up and pick up your bowling ball then down the lane you burn a lot of calories. The less strikes you can’t get the more times you must get the spares in a single frame. Bowling is a real sport where I sweat a lot from get trying to focus and getting strikes and the footwork with my approach. It’s the summer tie now so the bowling alley tend to be hotter inside.

Losing weight is very key to bowling better. Rather you want to believe this or not you must be in some shape to bowl. Being overweight is fine and you risk putting more pressure on your knees,back,arms,shoulder and legs which may be very sore after or when you are bowling. Over time this might get worst before it gets any better so make you that you stretch before you go bowling. Drinking water while you bowl will help you keep hydrated and help lose weight over time.


I love bowling and I hate when people say that bowling is not a real sport, bowling is the hardest sport to play in my mind. Using the right bowling ball at the right time and bowling the right way on the right lane is hard to do. I have seen bowling pro’s miss the ten pin on TV and lose the match and loss a lot of money in the process. Bowling takes skill and will and a great mind set to win games. Bowling is all about how well you perform under pressure.


The main reason I choose is because I love bowling and using rotogrip products because they work so well. I have bowled very high games with their bowling equipment and they are a top tier brand.

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