How To Increase Your bowling average part 4

How To Increase Your bowling average, Another way is to bowl one day during the week, bowl to your best game that you can, then after you finish, think what I could have done differently to bowl better. My ball is not hitting the pocket, Im missing the ten pin, im no where near the pocket, my bowling speed is not good at all.



These are all questions that you have to ask yourself after you bowl because next week you dont want to do the same things all over again. You want to learn from my mistakes to bowl better. Man all I had to do is move over 5 boards to the left to strike, keep this in your mind cause this may happen again in the future. Trial and error is not a bad thing butt learning from it and try to remember what to do next time will increase you bowling score fast. People do not like change but knowing what you need to change in the right time will work.

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