How To Increase Your bowling average part 5

How To Increase Your bowling average part 5 we will look at bowling in leagues to how you bowl better and make new friends in the process. Bowling in leagues are fun and easy to get into. Don’t worry about not bowling good, any skill level can join a league.


In bowling leagues there is a thing handicap which I will explain in better detail in my next post but the short version is that you get pins based on you average so if average 150 pins a game, you will get 50 more pins on top of that. So with that your score is 200. This helps with very good skilled players vs people who are not that good. Joining a team which if you dont have a team the bowling ally should help you find a team to play with. In short you will play with other people that bowl different than you and can give you some help. Also it shows you how to be an team player.


With bowling in leagues this will help you bowl better causes you are bowling every week and you dont wont to let your team done so its more competitive to play against teams to win. In practice you bowling by yourself or some friends but in league play it’s more competitive so you will look at it different.

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