There are so many bowling tricks that i have and have seen, can talk about this all day long. Throwing a hook ball is not hard at all. Once you have your bowling step down, I use an 4 step approach or you can use an 5 step approach it does not matter. All you have to do is turn your wrist half a circle around. It’s all in the wrist. If you really want to hook it just get more inside the ball, so when the ball is in your hand if you can get more inside the ball so you can turn more inside which makes the ball hook more. One trick I use that tuck my pinky beside my ring finger so I increase my rev rate. If you step on your approach you will slow down your ball speed because you have less time to roll the ball which makes you slow down your ball speed and this also can increase your rev rate or more hook.


I use a plastic some spares shot and that damn ten pin. A plastic ball cost about 30 to 40 bucks and it last a never long time. I use the arrows on the floor to help me put the bowl in the right place. The first arrow on your far right is the 5 board. The next arrow is the 10 board then the next arrow is the 15 board so you get what i’m saying. Sometimes you will not be able to get strikes so the next best thing to do is pick up all of your spares to stay in the game and don’t worry about the other person that is striking, just focus on you game.   

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