My Review Of the Roto Grip Hectic Bowling Ball

This is my review of the Hectic from Roto Grip. Yes I own this bowling ball for 1 year or yes I really do like this Ball. I used it most of last year during my bowling league and shot pretty good with it. My league was night time so most of the oil on the floor was gone plus the is a league before my league so the oil was dry. The Hectic is good for these dry lanes plus when I move more left, the hectic was able to turn the corner for me. So I can play the down and in or move left to play more outside or more hook. The ball has good back end motion  for a dry lane ball which is good so I can play different ways or angles to the pocket. Everyone needs a dry lane ball and this was a good ball to have in your bag, it’s in my bag all the time, also great pin action when hitting the pocket. I call the Hectic the 600 ball because I shoot 650 average ever week in league.

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