Storm bowling balls, Review of the marvel pearl

The New Storm Marvel Pearl has the same core found in both the original solid Marvel and the original Prodigy. This bowling ball has an lower RG core which is combined with a pearlized coverstock that gives the Marvel Pearl more punch power at the back end. The cover for this ball is the same pearlized formulation found on the Prodigy, but the Enhanced Traction Mica has been removed. This cover creates a strong change of motion and direction when the ball encounters friction.

The overall ball motion for the  Marvel Pearl creates worked best on our medium pattern and on some high oil lanes, what got my attention was the Marvel Pearl was the distinct motion it offered while going down lane. While the back end was more than other balls in the top line, it was far from being a skid/flip kind of ball. The motion seemed of something from years past. The Marvel Pearl has a big hook potential for a shiny pearlized ball. Shiny bowling ball stores more energy so tend to hook a little less.

On heavy pattern had with a tad too much oil for the Marvel Pearl to create the right ball motion or traction it needed to make it back to the pocket. You can use an 2000 Abralon pad on the Marvel Pearl which roughing up coverstock which will give an additional friction needed to combat the oil pattern.

On the drier lane conditions will require a nice coat of bowling ball polish and possibly drill the ball with a weak layout. The box finish is simply good for medium conditions. Higher ball speed increases the chance for success on this pattern.

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