track bowling balls

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Track Bowling was founded as Star Track Bowling in Solon, Ohio in the late 1970’s with the goal in mind of manufacturing bowling balls bowlers that wanted to be on the cutting edge of technology and up to date. Over the years, the company gained and earned a good reputation for new methods of ball design and development, including being one of the first manufacturers to experiment with ceramic cores. Many of the new methods and designs developed by Track went on to become industry standards.

In February 2007, Track Bowling was acquired by Ebonite International and relocated to Hopkinsville, Kentucky as a member of the Ebonite International family of brands. While this location has changed over time, Track is still pushing the envelope and new limits  for new technologies on everything from original core designs to ground-breaking coverstocks. It’s still the brand for a different kind of bowler, one who knows that when it comes to performance, it’s all about the engineering.

Track features a full range of high-, upper-, and mid-performance balls, and lower tier as well as bowling bags that reflect the same high standards. Rich Hanson is the Track Brand Manager and can be contacted at

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