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Do you publish on YouTube, or are you thinking to start a YouTube channel? Well, you are in the right place. For some time YouTubers have been uploading enlightening, entertaining and crazy videos in order to make some cash on YouTube. Unfortunately, finding themselves in the search ranking on YouTube has been an uphill task due to stiff competition.

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There is a power tool that will save you the hassles of optimizing, managing and growing your YouTube channel called TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is a premium management toolkit certified by YouTube. The browser extension available in FireFox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. There’s no need to switch to external tool because it incorporates into YouTube’s website and the tools can be opened from YouTube’s website.

The following are reasons why every YouTuber needs TubeBuddy.

  1. It features varied number of tools

These include; GIF, tag explorer, brand alerts. Competitor scorecard, A/B testing, description promotion etc.

  1. Distinctive thumbnail generator

Thumbnail is an idea that increases viewers of your video. There’s a feature that generates a thumbnail while on YouTube. The process consumes less time.

iii. You stay connected with your subscribers

This feature enables you to see viewers who subscribed to your video. With the click/ tap of a button, it’s possible to send welcome messages to new subscribers. When the message is sent, it’s indicated by a green dot.

  1. Bulk video sharing

With the hit of the share button, it’s possible to post a video on a social media platform. If a video was previously shared on the platform it will indicate. TubeBuddy also shows the number of people who shared your video. If the video is shared on Facebook, then it’s shared as a native Facebook video and not YouTube video.

  1. It has a bulk annotation support

Annotation can be placed on a video automatically with a click. A link can be automatically added to the description of a video. All the annotations can also be copy-pasted from one video to other videos.

  1. You can recommend the best time to publish

With TubeBuddy, YouTubers don’t have to guess the time to post when their viewers are online. It will let you know the best hours and days you should publish and this increases the number of views got on a video.

vii. Tags can be copied quickly

All of your tags and that of the competitor can be copied. This enables you to be aware of tags that rank top of YouTube search results. It also let you know why they are top of the search rankings. TubeBuddy let you check the place you and your competitor are in the search rankings. It will let you identify the correct keywords that will get your video in the YouTube search results.

viii. Brand alerts

Whenever you are mentioned on YouTube, you are able to find out. You can set up your alerts and that of your competitors. These alerts let you stay ahead of your competitors.

  1. TubeBuddy is cost effective

It offers four varied pricing levels. The first one is the free version which has limited features but it’s good for the starters. The others are the Pro, Star, and Legend. If your channel generates some cash, then it’s worth investing in a license.

The above reasons show why every YouTuber needs TubeBuddy and they’ll assist you to develop your YouTube channel. It also enhances appropriate management of YouTube channels. TubeBuddy will enable you to work smartly and be at the top of the competition.

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