used bowling balls

used bowling balls

Well do you want to know about an uses bowling ball? Are used bowling balls good or bad? Are they going to perform well or is it a bed investment?  Well to answer this question simply it depends  on the ball and how it looks. if it’s a good ball with minor wear and tear then yeah that sounds good. But if it looks old and beat up and used up with scratches around it then I won’t.


You see I do buy used bowling balls, and if are just starting out I would say get a used bowling ball. You can learn from a used bowling ball and it’s cheaper too so if you are on a budget like me than getting a used ball will be good. Sometimes getting a used bowling ball and cleaning it up will work really good.


Yes I do own used bowling balls and they are a good idea to use. A quick tip if you get a dry lane used bowling ball for dry lanes, you can’t tell the different in motion. Get a used bowling ball and have fun for cheap.

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